Watch: James Franco Tries To End Harmony Korine’s Letterman Ban

Hurrah! Fans of Harmony Korine's awkwardly bizarre interview antics may see him return to The Late Show in the near future. Since Harmony's infamous ban from David Letterman's interview couch back in '98, speculations swirled as to what could have possibly happened off camera to get the host miffed enough to impose this serious blacklist action.
Well, the truth is out now, and we couldn't think of anyone better to shed light on the enigmatic wrong-doing than our favorite drug-dealing, cornrow-donning Spring Breakers thug, James Franco. While we love him for his diplomacy (he's all about ending the feud), we're not sure whether David Letterman is convinced Harmony is a changed man. Watch David Letterman explain the reason for the ban, which may (or may not) surprise you…

Video: Courtesy of YouTube