R29 & American Apparel Are Footing The Bill For The Best Spring Break, Ever

If there’s anything MTV party programming, bad tan lines, or Selena Gomez’s upcoming movie has taught us, it’s that spring break isn’t always perfect. For some reason, it seems like you’ve either got a bikini and no moola to take yourself somewhere warm, or a ticket to ride and absolutely nothing cute to wear.
It’s all too often that you’re left sulking in your parent’s basement, while flush-with-cash pals party their way across Mexico. But, mark our words: Today, those problems are officially over. Kiss those pale legs and cloudy skies good-bye, because we’ve teamed up with American Apparel for the ultimate spring break getaway. One massively lucky R29 reader will win a $500 Jetsetter gift card to spend their free week wherever they’d like, and on top of that, American Apparel will be dishing out $1,000 to go crazy inside its cavern of clothing.
To throw your hat in the ring for the big winnings, all you have to do is pop on over to Facebook to like our and AA’s pages, as well as submit your e-mail address. Staying stylish by way of social networks for the chance to win a boatload of freebies? We consider that to be a major win-win, especially considering we’ve done the heavy lifting for you, too. Click along in the slideshow to see our choice spring break style picks — a.k.a, your one-way ticket to being the most stylish gal on the beach — and cross your fingers you’ll be able to sport them at your favorite locale on our dime.