Need A New Dress? Then Hit Up These Hot Wheels!

We thought our waistlines couldn't possibly take more food truck fare, but it seems like every time we whiz down Wilshire or hit up First Fridays, there's a shiny new set of wheels that we have yet to test-drive. Not that we're complaining — snagging good grub on the go is pretty much an L.A. pastime, and even helps us avoid those drive-thrus when we're in a mad dash.
So, what if the instant gratification of these trucks was applied to other everyday purchases? We're talking haircuts, floral arrangements — and yes, even shoes! LA Weekly rounded up 10 vehicles that peddle much more than munchies — selling items and services in Pasadena one day, and in WeHo the next. Now, if only we could convince those drivers to cruise past our front doors —that would really be a dream come true. (LA Weekly)

Photo: Via Le Fashion Truck