Need A Valentine's Date Idea? Here's One For $500,000

Forget about those dinner reservations at that one restaurant you've been waiting ages to get on the list for. You can also ditch the limo service you've scheduled to parade you and your lover around town in for the night. You should probably just take a seat, because your Valentine's Day plans don't compare to whomever is going to shell out a cool $500,000 for Jetway Private Air's Valentine's date package.
For half a million dollars, Jetway Private Air will fly you and your date to New York City on one of its super fancy jets. You'll then be picked up in a Rolls-Royce and taken to the Ty Warner penthouse at the Four Seasons, where a private chef will cook you dinner and a masseuse will be on call for unlimited massages. If that's not opulent enough, you'll be treated to the hotel's finest bubbly and caviar. Oh, and those diamonds you wanted but thought you weren't going to get? That's covered, too. The half-a-mil gets you a 52-karat diamond necklace. After you've been blinged out, massaged, and fed, why not take advantage of the city that never sleeps and hit the town? The Rolls-Royce will take you wherever your little cupid-struck heart desires.
So, while the majority of us will end up eating a slightly overpriced Valentine's Day dinner special for two and go home with some roses and chocolate, we can at least imagine we're getting a private massage in the Four Seasons penthouse wearing our new diamonds. A girl can dream, right? (Forbes)
Photo: Courtesy of The Four Seasons New York

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