A Barneys Warehouse Sale All Year Round? This Is Kinda Like That

We're willing to brave all manners of abuse to score designer goods on a deep discount...and all the elbow jabbing, garment swiping, and line waiting that comes with it. The annual Barneys Warehouse Sale usually guarantees that you'll leave the premises with both a pair of 70%-off Phillip Lim boots and a bruised sternum, but starting next week, we'll be able to take the rumble online all year round.
Barneyswarehouse.com will be open 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day, and will carry treasures up to 75% off (which is comparable to what you might find at a Barneys Outlet location). Last August, Barneys tried out the concept online for a limited time and decided to launch it for keepies after a successful first run. The website will launch this Monday, which gives you exactly four days to mentally gather your wits (and save up some dough this weekend). (WWD)

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