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Well, Here They Are: The 25 Most Expensive Stores In America

Sshhh. Calm your worries about the upcoming tax season and hush up the post-Christmas credit-card statements that have finally arrived. Instead, imagine dropping a whopping $3,217 on a single visit to one store. Because that is a real thing that people do, Racked put together an incredible list of the 25 most expensive shopping spots in the U.S., based on the average purchase price.
The top spot didn't belong to Chanel or Dior (though, they weren't far behind), but to the Oscar de la Renta store in NYC. Out of the top five, three were in New York, one was in Los Angeles, and Boston made the list with Loro Piana. The majority of the stores listed is based in New York, but there are a couple of surprises (Chevy Chase, MD?) that jump out. Check out Racked for the whole list.
Now, before you begin to question your life choices — like, say, working as a writer while your brothers are in finance and buy your parents the best gifts while you give them "quirky kitsch" — these stores are where investment purchases are made. For instance, ODLR is a great spot for ball gowns, statement bags, or wedding shoes, so, obviously, those who have balls, statements, or weddings coming up may stop by the shop with the intention of spending for a big occasion, right? It's not like individuals are rolling through ODLR on a whim and dropping $3K like it ain't no thang? Right? Right? Bueller? (Racked)

Photo: Courtesy of Oscar de la Renta