Makeup Magic Makes Rachel Weisz Look Scary In New Oz Poster

We might've been shocked when Monster came out, but these days, seeing a beautiful woman transform herself into a sickly, evil, or otherwise hideous creature by way of high-tech CGI and advanced makeup techniques is no biggie. Still, though, it's fun to see which actresses are bold enough — not to mention skilled enough — to go down this route, and do it right.
Rachel Weisz definitely falls into that category, as proven by this very green, very scary Oz poster. She's definitely not the first star to come to mind when we think green, warty witch...but she's working it! The trailer gave us only the most tantalizing hint of her character, but now it's clear: She's mean, she's green, and she's here to stay for this movie and probably about 10 sequels.
Photo: Courtesy of Disney.

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