Why Ryan Gosling Is The Greatest, In A Nut Conch Shell

R29 readers are fully aware of the depths of how divine Ryan Gosling can be, but if you're new to the site (or just want a refresher), here are the basics: He saves lives, he stars in indie and blockbuster flicks, and, as a youngster, he had the voice of an angel. That's just the abbreviated list — we're pretty positive his entire resume of amazingness exceeds our given R29 word count.
So, when we stumbled upon this gem of a story, you better believe a harmonious "hubba hubba" rang through the office. The recent birthday boy was spotted on set of the untitled Terence Malick Project in Merida, Mexico, blowing a tune on a conch shell. Because, ukuleles are so last year, right Ry-Gos?
Standing at the head of a boat and leaning against a single palm tree, we suggest the tourist bureau of Merida plaster this pic on postcards, magnets, and guidebooks galore. They could market the city as the spot he majestically blew into a conch shell — admit it, you just checked Expedia for airfare. (Daily Mail)
Photo: Via Daily Mail

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