UPDATED: Is Kate Lanphear Leaving Elle? Yep

UPDATED: She totally, totally is, folks.
It's been a growing rumor around the Internet today — is Kate Lanphear leaving Elle?
And, if she's indeed departing the publication where she became an acclaimed style director, familiar Fashion Week face, the subject of literally one-billion street-style snaps, and one of our top girl lady crushes, there are no details about where (if anywhere) she's going to or why she would be putting Elle behind her.
Are we sad? Not so long as we continue to see her around the shows and putting her unique metal-and-leather stamp on some fashion project (or product!). Are we happy? Well, we'll tell you when we hear what's up next for our favorite platinum-bobbed editor. Good luck, Kate!
Photo: Refinery29/Zana Bayne.