I Don't: Were Wedding Bells To Blame For The Biebs-Gomez Breakup?

Ever since Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez pulled a TomKat (announcing the breakup on a Friday, she stepping out post-split looking nothing short of fab), the rumor mill has been churning out theories at lightning speed. Was it the Victoria's Secret model he was snapped with after the runway show that had Gomez in a tizzy? Or was it that same old Hollywood excuse: scheduling issues? Either way, the latest story to surface about this generation's JT and Brit Brit had us scratching our heads and wondering: WTF?
According to reports, Biebs popped the question and Gomez gave him a firm N-O. This was a few months back, and he apparently tried getting down on one knee once again. The Wizards of Waverly Place star waved her magic wand and made Biebs disappear by going against the PR gods and ending things once and for all. She being two years older made the mature decision to just be friends. Not only are millions of Beliebers breathing a sigh of relief, but we have a hunch that all this heartbreak's got "album sales" written all over it! (Oh No They Didn't!)
Photo: Via Oh No They Didn't

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