The OTHER Longest Line In NYC. Check Out This Ridic Photo

Though the city has just been through a superstorm of devastating proportions, over 800 people lined up today to score the new iPad Mini at Apple's uptown stores. Despite the fact that half of this city is still without power (making the Mini a very expensive paperweight), the fanboys and girls camped out as per usual to score the gadget.
Two things: Firstly, what?! As Jimmy Kimmel aggressively (and maybe aptly) points out below, “Everyone standing in line to get an iPad Mini in New York and New Jersey should get a punch on the throat." But secondly, the Wall Street Journal quotes a guy who says, "I’m down by Union Square, and there’s no electricity. It’s just very hard to sleep, so I figured I’d get up early and get my new iPad rather than lie in bed and stare at the ceiling.” Or, you know, do ANYTHING else to help your ailing city?
Now, click through to the next page to see the OTHER epic line in NYC... somehow we think the wait is a bit more frustrating. (Gizmodo)

Photo: Via Instagram/Alinutzav

Yes, it's a line for the bus. Somehow we don't think they are going to the Apple store. busline

Photo: Via Instagram/Virginia Laird.