Are You Living In The U.S.A.’s Most Expensive Zip Code?

For years, Alpine, New Jersey has laid claim to the most expensive zip code in the country. Well, move over Jersey, there’s a new set of numbers topping the luxury real estate charts. New York’s very own 10065, home to David Rockefeller, Rupert Murdoch, and the infamous Chuck Bass, has officially been named Forbes' most expensive zip code of 2012.
Want to rub shoulders with the crème de la crème? It’ll cost you just mere pocket change, as long as you have about $6.5 million in your pockets. But, the 10065 isn’t the only NYC locale on the list — there are 19 other Big Apple 'hoods, with four in the top 10 (specifically spots in the West Village and the UES).
What does this mean for us New Yorkers? This seems like a textbook example of gentrification to us. Will we be driven out of Manhattan and *gasp* even our beloved Brooklyn as they become playgrounds for the 1%? Or are we just being dramatic? Sound off below! (Gothamist)

Photo: Via Gothamist