Two Of Our Major Girl Crushes Team Up for One Awesome Flick

We’re big believers that two heads are better than one, but we're even bigger believers that two witty, perfectly coifed, excuse-us-while-we-gush-over-how-much-we-adore-them heads are the best. We just got word that NYC-newlywed Anne Hathaway is set to star in The Low Self Esteem of Lizzie Gillespie, a romantic comedy co-written by…wait for it…Mindy Kaling! To say that we’re freaking out would be a major understatement.
And, just when we thought the news couldn’t get any better, there are rumors circulating that Kaling will take on a supporting role in the film. The screenplay, which Kaling co-wrote with Brent Forrester, focuses, on Anne Hathaway as, yes, Lizzie Gillespie, a woman whose painfully low self-esteem has limited her to dating total, excuse us, losers. Suddenly, à la Hollywood, things take a turn for the interesting when she is pursued by “The hottest guy ever.” We’re plenty confident in Kaling’s ability to elevate a ho-hum rom-com into a memorable, witty, and intelligent film. Add to that the fact that Anne Hathaway will be delivering the lines and our tickets are as good as purchased. (The Hollywood Reporter)
Photo: Via The Hollywood Reporter

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