Sister Act: Nicole Richie's Teen Sis To Design AND Sing!

Out of all the leading ladies in L.A., Nicole Richie definitely ranks as one of the coolest older siblings. And Sophia, Nicole's 14-year-old sis, clued reporters in at the 10th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood bash with Emporio Armani bash on just how fashionable her family really is. In addition to frequent visits on the Fashion Star set, Sophia is now collaborating on a line with Nicole, adding to the socialite-turned-designer's style empire. Looks like an affinity for style is in the DNA!
And that's not all! With Lionel Richie as a father, it's hard to imagine that Sophia wouldn't be interested in exploring music, too. Well, the word on the street is: Not only will Sophia be teaming up with her sibby, but a fellow Tinseltown offspring.. Yep, that's right, Soph and Willow Smith have plans to whip their hair in the studio ASAP, with Richie likening her musical talents to that of Frank Ocean (what a claim!). Sounds like this youngster's got a lot on her plate, and we'll be chomping at the bit to see what she serves up. (Celebuzz)
Photo: Via Celebuzz

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