You Won’t Believe Who’s Hosting The Oscars! Excited?

The last few years have seen a mixed bag of Oscars hosts. Not everyone was crazy about Anne Hathaway and James Franco, and while Hugh Jackman was certainly a spectacle, we haven't seen many professional comedians up on the Oscars stage lately. But maybe, just maybe, we're looking at a very funny Oscars ceremony this year: The often hilarious, always controversial Seth Macfarlane is hosting.
We're not going to get too excited just yet. We've been burned before, so we're hesitant to say whether or not this is the right choice. The producers announced that "his performing skills blend perfectly with our ideas for making the show entertaining and fresh." But while many of us in this office have gone through a serious Family Guy addiction, we know the show and its creator are seen as very offensive or even just plain annoying by many (let's just not talk about Ted, although in all fairness, it did rake in over $420 million). What do you think of this choice of host? Are you excited or downright terrified? (LA Times)

Image via The Los Angeles Times/