Mother Monster Goes Meta With This Comme Des Garçons Dress

Never one to fall short on absurdist couture and postmodern irony, Lady Gaga appeared in a dress with a dress on it. Confused? Yes, it’s a Comme des Garçons dress-on-dress look from their fall '12 collection and yes, it’s genius. Flying in the face of rumors of her weight gain and a possible pregnancy, Mother Monster’s frock succesfully shut everyone up, at least for now.
Seem familiar? The frock is reminiscent of the artistic debate between Marc Jacobs and street artist Kidult, who spray-painted the word "ART" on Marc Jacob’s Soho store. Jacobs turned a photo of his graffiti-covered store into a $700 T-shirt with the caption "Art by Art Jacobs." Kidult, in turn, sold a tee with a photo of Jacob’s tee for $10. A T-shirt on a T-shirt.
Gaga was like a totally meta, too-chic-for-you paper doll as she teetered out of her hotel in the dress, which we've decided is so ahead of its time, re-appropriating 2D and makes a subtle commentary on the forced mass consumption of James-Cameron-induced 3D. But, was she also making a commentary on the recent weight gain media blitz? You tell us. Now we’re just waiting for someone to make a dress with a photo of Gaga’s dress-on-dress look on it, and then we're going to buy one and stand in between two mirrors holding a box of Land O' Lakes butter and see how long it takes for us to totally freak out.

Image via Buzzfeed