Is K. Stew Innocent? This Conspiracy Theory Video Says YES

Thought we were over the whole K. Stew and RPatz drama? Well, think again! It turns out a new video has surfaced claiming the photos of Stewart and her Snow White and the Huntsman director were staged by Rupert Sanders himself. Pretty weighty allegations if you ask us, especially if you consider the facts that Stewart didn't deny the accusations and apologized immediately after the news broke. But, we're of course intrigued (who isn't?), and analyzed the video multiple times. What did we learn? Quite a bit actually.
The creator of this video claims that the notorious Us Weekly photos are completely doctored because of conflicting proportions. For example: Sanders is apparently much taller than that white fence in real life and Stewart is a full head shorter than him (she appears about equal height in the snaps). So, those photos may have been taken elsewhere (say, his home), then Photoshopped into a nearby neighborhood spot, proving that Stewart was never on Pacific Drive in the first place.
With a little help from Google Maps and the paintbrush tool, the three-minute vid could be exposing another layer to this tabloid-gold love triangle. Either that, or this sleuth refuses to believe that the Bella and Edward romance would ever end! (Crushable)

Photo: Via Crushable