Dreams Really Do Come True: Dylan & Kelly Are Developing A TV Show Together

First, there were the Old Navy ads (personally, we would never choose jeans over Dylan McKay, but whatever). Then, there were the rumors of love. And then, those rumors were quashed. But now...something even better might be in the works.
The Internet is abuzz with news that Jennie Garth and Luke Perry are developing a sitcom together and shopping it around town. As anyone who's ever spent any time watching What I Like About You (perhaps in marathon-form on Noggin?) can attest, those two still have chemistry. Also, they're surprisingly funny (and as much as we loved/hated Kelly Taylor, that part was not always readily apparent).
We're sitting on pins and needles hoping someone green-lights this thing, and soon. Although, amidst all the excitement, we can't help be feel a little sad for Brenda, who's left in the dust yet again, this time, peddling online degrees, without Dean Cain around to console her. (RumorFix)

Photo: Courtesy of Old Navy

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