The Top 5 Vogue Cover Girls Are All Models, Not Celebs

Vogue, like any good publication, has changed a lot with the times. These days, it's mostly celebrities and the occasional mega-model on the cover, and we're not complaining! We loved its signature glossy take on Emma Stone, and Lady Gaga looks incredible on the September cover. Heck, we even like it when the mag makes tennis balls.
But, sometimes, it's nice to reflect back on a time when models were the stars of the industry and popular enough to capture the attention of the masses and the pros alike. The magazine of record seems to agree: In its roundup of the most frequently featured cover girls, all are professional models (although many, like Amber Valletta, have doubled as actresses, as well).
The images are a nostalgic head trip down memory lane, from '90s babe Cindy Crawford to a Jean Shrimpton cover that seems totally unrecognizable next to today's cover designs. Hit the slideshow to see the top five babes who've all made the cover more than 15 times, then check out the full top-10 list. Do you wish Vogue would put the focus back on models, or do you like the more diverse mix of stars they have going now?

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