This NYC Salon Is Running A Sale On Bikini Waxes — For 15-Year-Olds

Listen up y'all. Uni K Waxing is running a swell offer for you to spend your pocket money on: half- price waxes. The catch: you can’t cash in on the deal if you're over 15-years-old. Eh?
That's right, while some of you have been saving the odd dime here or there with a lucky find on Lifebooker, it looks like the cheapest way to get waxed nowadays is age-restricted. While this seems like a seriously strange idea, apparently pre-pubescent offerings aren't a new thing; The New York Times recently reported on salons who defended young girls’ rights to deal with their insecurities. "Insecurities" we get, we had/have ‘em too — boy trauma, BFF drama, even beauty blunders too — but booking in for bikini waxes was never high on the list of high school priorities (correction: it was never on the list). Even now, making that dreaded wax appointment is one of the perils of womanhood, so why are we torturing 'tweens? Well, according to the company director, waxing is, "a process in life" the salon wants to make "fun." Fun?
"We want them to celebrate freedom and independence all July when they go out with their Moms and experience this waxing treatment. It goes along with our country." Hmm, not sure that was quite what George Washington had in mind...(Buzz Feed)
Photo: Via Buzz Feed

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