These Designs Are Proof That Wedding Nail Art Doesn't Have To Play It Safe

Photographed by Lorenna Gomez-Sanchez.
It doesn't matter whether you're married, engaged, or still browsing Bumble: If you've so much as seen an episode of Say Yes to the Dress, you already know that being a bride requires a laundry list of beauty must-haves for the big day, like long-wear foundation, kiss-proof lipstick, and a hairstyle that won't fall loose before you say "I do." Nails are one small detail that tends to become an afterthought — but we're out to change that.
And by that, we mean it's time to ditch the Essie Ballet Slippers and other play-it-safe nudes as your polish of choice. If it's safe enough for Queen Elizabeth, it's probably too safe for your wedding. We've got something else in mind entirely: Think negative space decals, subtle hints of color (that match your bouquet!), and designs so trendy someone is bound to post it on Pinterest. Ahead, the coolest, least-lame wedding nail art for your consideration.
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Not everyone can have Emi Kudo, nail artist to Emma Stone and Yara Shahidi, on deck for their wedding, but what you can have is a teeny decal with your fiancé's initials. (Of course, if logo nail art is your thing, you can always keep the Louis shout-out, too.)
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Admit it: Modern French manicures are the best kind of French manicures. These crisp tips and stark squiggles are the perfect way to stand out while staying classic...ish.
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Another chic graphic take on the French.
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Instead of ditching the classic blush polish completely, try accenting the soft hue with some white details to keep it fresh.
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Some people change outfits after the ceremony, others change their polish. If that's your plan, go for this party-friendly favorite. Bonus: The clear base underneath the glitter lasts so long, you'll come back from your honeymoon with this mani still intact.
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Nail stickers are the decal trend for the summer. Why not add the unlikely additions to your au naturel manicure before you walk down the aisle?
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We know, we know, escaping your go-to nude can be tough — after all, you go back to it time and time again for a reason. Try refreshing the same-old polish with a hand-painted detail at the cuticle.
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Got a color theme? Substitute the white accents for a vibrant color to match.
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Matching your manicure to the details of your ring is the kind of 2018 wedding trend we've been waiting for.
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The more crystal embellishments the better — especially when it's combined with ombré glitter.
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Or keep the details to the bare minimum with metallic polish hidden at the cuticle.

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