Really, Guys? Chris Brown and Drake Fight It Out Over Rihanna

To say that Chris Brown has a history of violence isn't exactly a secret. Still, our jaws literally dropped upon hearing that the crooner got into a brawl with fellow hip-hop star Drake at new NYC hotspot WIP, allegedly over Rihanna.
According to Russel Simmons' blog, Global Grind, the boys had at it out when Brown sent a bottle over to Drake at the SoHo club, who then proceeded not to accept it. The two allegedly began arguing about RiRi before throwing punches and, yes, even bottles. What ever happened to the days of dance-offs? As mom always used to say, "I don't care who started it!" After all, it takes two to tango, or, in this case, two to launch bottle rockets.
Afterwards, Brown fled to Twitter (as he is wont to do), posting a photo of his bloody chin that could make even the toughest a bit squeamish, along with the tweet, "How u party with rich n— that hate? Lol....Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!" Um, actually shame on both of you. Ya'll are grown men. Act your age, not your trucker-hat size.(Huffington Post)

Photo: Via Huffington Post