Nasty Gal's Sophia Amoruso's Chic SoCal Pad

Sophia lounges in her living room wearing a vintage black dress, an Elizabeth and James blazer, and Alexander Wang boots.
If you’re an online shopper who loves vintage, then Nasty Gal is the site for you. Stocked with some of the best treasures culled from all over the world, and featuring a kick-ass selection of contemporary designer duds, is an online shopping destination that you need to bookmark and visit again and again. And while we’ve long been fans of this fashion-forward e-shop, we’ve just discovered the inspiring style of the NG’s CEO and founder, Sophia Amoruso. Her bright and breezy Silverlake home is the perfect backdrop for her incredible collection of dresses, jackets, and shoes—loads of vintage silver, a well-worn pair of John Fluevog heels, polyester pants—and we’re definitely turning green with envy over her gorgeous L.A. life. Whether she’s rocking a multi-colored coat while sipping tea in her kitchen brainstorming about her site and working on her own Nasty Gal collection, or topping off a graphic summer frock with a dramatic bright red hat, this girl’s got style in spades and we’ve got a serious clothing crush.
An avid music fan, here are some of Sophia’s favorite albums on display in her Los Feliz home.
Tell us a little bit about what's happening at Nasty Gal and what you're most excited about.
Well, we've just relocated the business to Los Angeles, which has been super exciting. The entire team moved down, which was incredible! We're in the process of re-launching the website and have a lot of projects in the works, including the long overdue Nasty Gal label.
Do you have anything in your closet that you couldn't stand to throw away?
An ancient pair of John Fluevog elf shoes with a huge medieval buckle and the pointiest toe you've ever seen. I wore them every day from age 18 to 20, and they are both broken completely in half.
What do you love most about living in L.A.?
Waking up in a place that I know I will never get to the bottom of. Finding weird new things and people each day. The weather. My friends. My job.
A bookshelf features books on art, fashion, and some keepsakes from trips abroad. In her closet, Sophia wears a printed Mara Hoffman dress and vintage necklaces.
What's your best cheap score of late?
A $0.99-cent Squeeze LP.
Describe your personal style in a few words:
Never caught dead in flats.
Do you have any particular dressing philosophies or strategies?
Dress for your body type. Don't mismatch your blacks. No wire hangers. Ever.
Some of Sophia’s favorite platforms and wedges.
What's your secret weapon, the thing you turn to in a pinch to bring a look together?
My ‘70s modernist silver rings. My favorite was my mother's—it's extremely architectural. I've never seen anything like it.
What are the five key pieces you find yourself wearing constantly?
1. Ultra high-rise polyester pants—vintage, of course. And, yes, I'm the only person I know who's proud to say I wear polyester.
2. Halters, halters, halters. What can I say? I'm into having my shoulders show.
3. My Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony platform lace-up boots. I stand six-feet tall in them!
4. A huge silver cross necklace a friend thrifted for me.
5. Onesies. Jumpsuits, overalls, bodysuits. I haven't graduated to rompers yet, but with the Los Angeles weather, it's only a matter of time.
While checking up on Nasty Gal’s homepage, Sophia wears a vintage denim jumpsuit and Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony heels.
Do you have a secret store that you're willing to reveal, or a favorite neighborhood shopping spot?
Weltenbuerger on Vermont in Los Feliz. The first time I visited it, I spent more than I have in a vintage store—ever. Their pieces are extra special and they have an excellent jewelry collection.
In her kitchen, Sophia dolled up in her favorite vintage fringe jacket and Alexander Wang boots. Why not dress up to garden in the backyard? Sophia rocks a vintage Oscar de la Renta dress and thrifted hat to shield the SoCal sun.
Sophia's geometric wooden coffee table is adorned with books and a vintage camera.
Your style is really daring—is there anything you would never be caught wearing?
Flats, anywhere outside of Disneyland or a gym!
Tell us about your home...
I wake up (begrudgingly) at precisely 5:30 a.m. every morning, look out the window, and see the Griffith Park Observatory swathed in frothy pink light. It's beautiful, but lately I've felt like it's observing me. But with a view from bed like that, I really can't complain.
A dress form in some sweet Nasty Gal pieces stands next to the mantle in Sophia's living room.
The fridge features some Nasty Gal stickers and photos of friends from all over L.A.
Any reading material you can't live without lately?
I've been reading a lot about magic. Not the hocus-pocus type, but the kind that really gets things done (think Aleister Crowley). Oh, and the Harvard Business Review.
You are an avid vintage shopper. What are some tricks of the trade you could give to our readers?
I always check out what's hanging on the walls, behind the counter, and in the cases. Many times these pieces are the most interesting but can be obscured by the clutter that covers many vintage shops. Also, if something is too big or too long, vintage is super easy to alter. Try rolling or cuffing pants or a jumpsuit, or finding an interesting wide belt to cinch in a baggy waist!
Bright and bold summer sandals that will be in heavy rotation all season long.
What song best embodies your style?
Scorpions—Hell Cat
Succulents and bamboo add a little greenery to Sophia's light-filled, airy kitchen.
How did you get started in fashion?
Honestly, I started selling vintage online and a few years later found myself knee-deep in fashion. It's been a trial by fire, to say the least!
What inspires your style these days?
I've been super inspired by the ‘70s L.A. groupie style. White girls with Afros. I want an Afro.
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