10 Secret NYC Restaurants To Impress Your Foodie Friends

Coming back from a holiday weekend is more depressing than the post-fast-food guilt-trip that comes with your side of fries. True, our dopamine isn't truly leveled—there are only two days left in the week, after all, but we're still not quite over the slump. To distract you from concrete and cubicles, we're giving you something to look forward to this weekend with a 10-spot of the city's hard-to-find, hidden-gem restaurants. While they're not all top-secret, you're definitely not in for tacky tourists or Snooki sightings at these insider spots. From unmarked doors to a cheap cabbie joint, we're leading you through the wardrobe into restaurant Narnia (and what to order!). Beware Turkish Delights and Big Macs.
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