20 Easy Breezy Summer Dresses Under $100

It's Friday, your paycheck is burning a hole through your pocket, and you've got a warm weekend to look forward to spending with your bare, winter-white legs. The perfect inaugural gift to celebrate? A summer dress that isn't cheap on style, but is easy on your budget. If your weekend calls for picnics and lounging, we've got comfy-chic dresses that you can still sit pretty in. If you're going al-fresco dining at your favorite corner restaurant? We've got glitzy dresses for sticking out in, and of course check out this round-up of summer sandals too. And if your weekend is full of date nights and bar hopping, we've got flirty dresses, too. Click through for our favorite summer dresses under $100, so you can have your celebratory frock, and have some money left over for a third round of drinks.

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