L.A. Street Style: 6 Looks We Love

While you may not think of L.A. as a particularly pedestrian-friendly town, we often find some of our biggest fashion inspiration from trawling the town's busiest boulevards. Especially when the weather is as unseasonably warm as it has been of late, getting some killer street style on the avenues of L.A. is as easy as, well, shooting fish in a barrel. But while some of you may have opted to stay indoors and avoid the over 80-degree heat, we pounded the pavement and snapped some of L.A.'s best-dressed lasses all over our fair city. Whether we were popping by our fave West Hollywood boutiques or hitting up the Farmer's Market in Silverlake, we saw a handful of perfect outfits all over Southern Cali and are happy to share their very cool perfect outfits.
See six of L.A.'s best-dressed ladies, plus some styling tips to use at home.