Gleek Out With New Nail Polish From Sephora By OPI

If the media hype surrounding Glee just isn't enough for you, here's your chance to satiate your appetite with the show's latest collaboration—a nail polish collection with Sephora by OPI. Hitting stores in February, this limited-edition nail colors will include Glee-inspired colors like Slushied (an opaque blue), Hell to the No (a bold purple), Gleek Out (a lime glittery green), Diva-in-Training (a poppy pink), Who Let The Dorks Out (a peacock green), Miss Bossy Pants (a rich raspberry), and Mash-Up (a pearlescent green gray). Each will retail for $9.50 individually, or, for $22, you can score a mini-set of six. The music doesn't stop there, either. In addition to the nail polishes, Chic Prints for Nail Design Appliques will be available in three Glee-tastic designs. According to WWD, the collection will also be featured on the February 8 episode of Glee, so you can paint your nails along with the cast and make it a veritable nail event. If that ain't enough for the Gleekaholic, there might not be anything that is…

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