How To Stick To Your 2011 Resolutions

It happens to all of us. We start off the New Year with the best of intentions and list full of resolutions, but come February we've slipped back into our old ways. For 2011, we're determined to last past the two-month mark, and we're bringing you with us. We want you to reach your fullest, fab-est potential this year, but we know pulling off a life overhaul all on your own can make even the simplest of goals feel like climbing Mount Everest. Whether your plan is to get a hot bod by swimsuit season, drop a dirty vice, kick your career into high gear, find that ever-elusive one true love, be a little more selfless, or just plain get a new perspective on life, we're here to give you a helping hand. We've put together a list of resolutions, and paired them with experts, coaches, and websites that'll help you keep them—promise.