8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Oct 05 2016

1. Here At Home: Flint, MI, residents are battling an outbreak of Shigellosis, a bacterial illness transmitted when people do not wash their hands.

“There is definitely some question about whether changes in hand-washing and hygiene practices may be playing a role,” a medical epidemiologist with the CDC told the Times. “People in Flint have been concerned about the safety of their water supply, and that may be playing a role in their hygiene practices.” (New York Times)

2. Talking Points: Yahoo reportedly scanned hundreds of millions of email accounts at the request of U.S. intelligence and law enforcement.

According to the Tuesday report, Yahoo acceded to a 2015 request by the government to give email access to the National Security Agency or the FBI. Yahoo did not deny the report and said it was a "law-abiding company." (Associated Press)

3. World News: At least three people were killed after Hurricane Matthew, a category 4 storm with 145mph winds, hit Haiti.

Meanwhile, Cuba's most isolated parts could see up to 20 inches of rain after Matthew lands there. Forecasters have also predicted that the hurricane could impact the U.S. East Coast starting Thursday, ABC News reported. (Read More)

4. Geek Out: Google unveiled a new "Pixel" smartphone that it hopes will rival the iPhone.

Google unveiled this new phone, useful products for the home, and tools that will make your life easier. Google doesn't want to just live inside your desktop anymore — it wants to be integrated into all aspects of your daily life. (Read More)
Photo: Courtesy of Verizon.

5. In-The-Know: The LAPD released a security video they claim shows Carnell Snell Jr., the 18-year-old Black man killed by police, holding a gun.

The video, taken from a nearby business, shows a young man in a blue sweatshirt, whom police say is Carnell Snell Jr., running through a strip mall and behind parked vehicles holding what appears to be a gun in his left hand. (Los Angeles Times)

6. On The Trail: VP candidates Tim Kaine and Mike Pence duked it out on stage in their first and only debate last night.

Between Tim Kaine's notorious dad humor and Mike Pence's premature victory lap, social media had a lot to work with for Tuesday night's vice presidential debate. Even the candidates' supposed "boringness" was fodder for hilarity. Social media dubbed the debate the #ThrillaInVanilla well in advance. (Read More)

7. Try Again: Tilda Swinton defended her casting as The Ancient One in Doctor Strange amidst backlash over whitewashing.

"The Ancient One in this film was never written as the bearded old Tibetan man portrayed in the comics," she explained. (Read More)

8. Tech Talk: New emoji celebrate interracial couples.

Love-Moji celebrates a concept that the traditional emojis have yet to represent. Love-Moji build on the emojis we're already obsessed with, like two people holding hands, kissing, or looking at a heart, but gives them the diversity they need. (Read More)

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