10 Super-Warm Coats For Winter

Finally, with so many strange, balmy days behind us, the deep chill of winter is in the air. Along with November's arrival comes a brand-new urge to overhaul the closet and put our coziest wardrobe staples front-and-center. And that definitely begins with a good, sturdy coat for winter. But a great cold-weather topper requires a lot more than great bones. That's why we've rounded up a mini tutorial on choosing the style and variety that works as good as it looks. Here's a quickie cheat-sheet on snapping up the coat for winter that will work for you, and read on for the very best styles we could find that fit the bill beautifully.
Winter Coats 101:
1. Get Down—Down Insulation is natural and oh, so warm when those temps drop. Remember, the higher the fill count, the warmer the coat, so read labels accordingly.
2. Heads Up—As if you didn't already know, a stylish hooded coat will keep you warmer, especially paired with a hat and scarf. So, if you live in an extra chilly climate, you might want to opt for a hooded style to up the drama AND the head-cold prevention.
3. Leg Work—Not only will it elongate you to look taller and thinner, a longer winter coat that covers your thighs will keep you extra protected against the elements.
4. Back Draft—It might be trickier to find, but cold climates that are also excessively windy demand coats with a wind-breaking layer that can keep out those nasty drafts. Nylon is a great wind breaker.
5. Luxe Life—No question: Cashmere might be pricier but it's warmer than wool without adding any bulk. Not to mention, good cashmere can hold up for years to come, so choose a style that's contemporary but classic.

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