Pamela Love's Spring Jewelry Collection Slays Us

In a momentary flashback to the nomads and tribal warriors of spring 2010 , Pamela Love reminds us how powerful an impression some war paint, wind-mangled manes, and epic metal accessories can be. The New York-based jewelry designer has won over a slew of fans with her spring 2011 line, inspired by Indian and African tribes, from tiered rows of skull-beads and spiked cuff bracelets to delicate geometrics suspended from thin gold chains. Her killer star-point bracelets may have been designed for looks, but we bet nomadic and urban chics alike could wield them as a weapon of self defense! The looks were made complete by Sebastian hairstylist Thomas Dunkin's masterful unraveling of the models' locks into wild, sexy, primal-glam 'dos. The overall effect is a refreshing departure from modern minimalism and the gadget-fueled sleekness of the modern age.

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