These Will Be Your New Favorite Undies

Do you feel like your underwear drawer is a pretty "blah" place? Is it stuffed with old, faded pairs that have seen better days, or uncomfortable panties you never actually wear but are (for some reason) still hanging on to, and a mix of the usual suspects: some thongs, some full-pack panties, and a few special-occasion pairs?

Just because your underwear rarely gets seen by the outside world doesn't mean it should be shrugged off as an afterthought. Instead, your collection should reflect your personal style — and be prepared for whatever situations life may throw your way (we're talking date nights, heavy periods, even Netflix-and-chill nights in). That's why we've rounded up 18 favorites guaranteed to give your undies selection a much-needed (and totally useful) refresh. Time to throw out those tattered pieces in favor of some cool new ones that get the job done even better.

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