Mariah Carey Has A New Docu-Series Coming To TV, Plus More Stories

1. Major News: The Supreme Court won't rule on a case about birth control coverage by religiously affiliated employers under Obamacare.

The highly unusual decision sent the issue back to the courts of appeal, but did so with a strong endorsement of a possible compromise that would allow employees to receive insurance coverage for birth control without requiring the non-profits to play any role in providing it. (NBC News)

2. Here At Home: Aurora, CO plans to use $1.5 million in marijuana tax profits to help the homeless.

Aurora expects to take in $4.5 million in marijuana tax revenue over the next two years, and it plans to use $1.5 million of that to help local families who are struggling with homelessness, the Aurora Sentinel reports. The $1.5 million will come from Aurora's 2017 and 2018 budgets. (Read More)

3. Just Wrong: A pastor who accused Whole Foods of writing an anti-gay slur on his cake admitted the story was a lie.

“The company did nothing wrong,” Jordan Brown said in a statement to the Texas paper. “I was wrong to pursue this matter and use the media to perpetuate this story.” The grocery chain issued a statement of its own, saying it is “very pleased that the truth has come to light.” It has dropped a countersuit against Brown. (Read More)

4. In-The-Know: Beyoncé's Ivy Park line refuted allegations that its factories are sweatshops.

The accusations were made by British tabloid The Sun, which claims that one of the factories used by the brand uses “poverty-stricken seamstresses” who are "exploited and treated like slaves" to manufacture the line’s logo tanks, sports bras, leggings, and more. (Read More)
Photo: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images.

5. Try Again: CBS passed on a Nancy Drew reboot because it skews "too female."

Apparently, this week CBS execs reviewed the pilot episode and passed on the series completely, as Variety reports. Why? Because it was just too darn lady-centric — producers reportedly claimed that the series skewed "too female," according to Deadline. (Read More)

6. Must See: E! just dropped a trailer for Mariah Carey's upcoming docu-series, Mariah's World.

So what will you learn about Carey's life from the series (or at least from the trailer) that the singer had previously kept behind closed (locked and padlocked) doors? According to her own voice-over, Carey's life "has not been a fairy tale." (Read More)

7. Tech Talk: Twitter might extend its 140-character limit by no longer counting photos and links.

Since January, rumors have been building that Twitter would begin allowing posts longer than 140 characters. While this news has yet to be confirmed by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, he did hint toward such a change earlier this year, so it's not out of the realm of possibility. (Read More)

8. World News: Justin Trudeau announced new transgender rights legislation.

The Canadian Prime Minister announced groundbreaking legislation that will protect the rights of transgender people across Canada. “We must continue to demand true equality,” Trudeau said. “We must carry on the legacy of those who fought for justice by being bold and ambitious in our actions, and we must work diligently to close the gap between our principles and reality.” (Read More)

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