Exclusive! Alexa Chung For Madewell Ads, Revealed

Back in February when we attended the Alexa Chung for Madewell presentation, we had no idea how we'd make it to September when the line dropped in stores. Now that we're sitting at the doorstep of the debut, our obsession with both the collection and the girl is at a fever pitch. Her official resume is pretty spectacular as she's been a TV host, a muse to designers, and a model for some of our favorite brands like Wren. Her unofficial resume is just as impressive: It-Girl, style icon, occasional DJ, pioneer of the ombre hair movement... In celebration of the debut of her ads for Madewell, we rang her up to chat about her inspiration, fashion, and what's next for her now-infamous hair. Our Q&A with Alexa, below!
We are giant fans of you and Madewell. What drew you to doing a collab with them?
"It was a brand I really like, and after we had our first meeting, I could tell we were all sort of on the same page about what we could do together, and I could see how it would work. Plus, I got the sense I would have free reign as they were interested in me doing what I wanted, and I found that very appealing."
True or false: We heard you drew your own sketches of different pieces while you were on vacation and faxed them right through to the team.
"True! I was on vacation in Turks and Caicos and it rained all week, so I did lots of sketches. My dad and my sister are both graphic designers, so drawing is part of the family trade."
What pieces are you particularly in love with from the collection? Why?
"I really like the black sheer shirt with polka dots...I love how graphic it is, and it's such an easy piece to throw on with jeans. In general I love things that are practical and have a multitude of uses."
We're still trying to catch the last rays of summer, but Fashion Week is in fact right around the corner. For all your Fashion Week running around, what three pieces will you not be without?
1. "A camera. I know everyone is digital but I still love film and disposable cameras."
2. "A good umbrella because it always pisses it down during Fashion Week in New York."
3. "No stupid shoes! I'll definitely be wearing lots of flats."
You kind of started the ombre hair trend (and now everyone's stolen your hairstyle!). What's next for your locks?
"Oh, my hair always looks a bit rubbish, but I guess I'm always alternating between and very short bob and a very long bob...by Fashion Week, I suppose, I'll probably be somewhere in the middle."

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