10 Fall Editor-Approved Watches For Girls And Guys

It's a man's world, at least where guy's fashion mags are concerned. So, we've got to give Nic Screws, Esquire's Fashion Market Editor, major girl-power props for being the rare gal who's giving the boys a run for their money on the masthead. Because Screws is clued in to sartorial trends for men and knows a thing or two about women's style, we think she's a natural choice to dish on an accessory that's a no-brainer for fall. We're talking about your watch, an accoutrement no serious style-star should ignore. Here, Ms. Screws picks 10 fab watch options sure to inject some impact into all your new fall outfits. She says she wants to "splurge on vintage two-tone Rolexes," or get in on "the oversized trend for women," but whatever face you're feeling, we think all of her picks fall into Beyoncé, baby—upgrade-me territory. Break into the boy's club, or don't, Nic certainly does both.
Check out 10 fall editor-approved watches for girls and guys!