The Truth About Using Your Body To Make Money

Photographs by Ryan Pfluger.
This story was originally published on the 9th of May, 2016.

For centuries, women were burdened by the idea that we’re “the weaker sex.” We couldn’t vote, own property, and we didn’t have much control over our bodies. Things have changed drastically in the past century — heck, even in the past six months — as women have proven time and again that we aren’t to be held to different standards than men, especially when it comes to our physical strength and ability.
Ahead, we interviewed four women and one transgender man who rely on their bodies in order to excel at their work. They are just a few inspiring examples: If you look around, you’ll be amazed to see how we’re anything but weak. Women are now taking on combat roles in the military, dominating in professional sports, and making considerable strides in industries once ruled by men. We aren't just stronger than ever before — we are closer to a world where girls grow up believing their career options are limitless, and instead of looking at their bodies as a hindrance, embrace them as powerful vehicles that can help them achieve their dreams.