Brilliant Women-Led Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

Courtesy of No Country For Young Women
How do you choose what podcast to listen to next? Is it a recommendation from an entertainment-savvy friend? Is it when you find out one of your favourite people on Twitter has launched one of their own? Or do you mindlessly scroll through the iTunes, Acast and Spotify recommended lists and hope to land on one with a pretty cover picture? We've all been there, friend, but fear not! We have a sweet resolve for your eager ears. Whether you're looking for the perfect accompaniment to your backlog of true crime documentaries or are looking to get your shit together, there's plenty out there – and we're here to help you narrow it down.
Female voices are reverberating across the airwaves, and we've picked out some of our favourite on the British podcast scene at the moment. Need a nudge towards that big idea you've been putting off actually doing anything about? We've got one for that. In awe of the original cool girls, the rule-breakers and way-pavers of earlier generations? There's a podcast to feed that appetite right here. So before you resign yourself to another few months of screen-burned eyes and achey neck from watching Netflix on your phone, we have alternatives. Ahead, find some of the smart, funny and engaging women who are talking about the things that matter to us.

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