I Used To Be A 'Spoiled Girlfriend'— & This Is What I Look For In My Dates

In our past interviews with sugar babies, we've talked with women who demanded a gift on the first date, men who had their rent paid by their dates, and former sugar babies weaning off a shopping addiction. But while getting paid to date might sound glamorous — and certainly, some of the anecdotes seem to support that — the reality is often a different story.
Today, we chat with a 24-year-old former sugar baby who breaks down the different types of sugar babies and talks about what it's like to date men her own age again.
How did you start sugar baby dating?
“I started sugar babying after going through a breakup. I met my ex when I was 18, and we went to the same college. Then I went home when I was done with school, and it wasn’t the same. One of my biggest issues with him was that I would pay for everything that we did. I would pay to go see him, and he wouldn’t come see me. After a while, I got resentful about it, especially if he was going out and doing things with his friends. It was like, Why isn’t he trying? He was probably making more money than I was at the time. So there was a lot of drama and accusations, and we were both miserable, and finally he was like, I cannot do this anymore with you.
"The break up hit me really hard. I remember I was reading an article online about sugar daddies, and I googled "Sugar Daddies," and a random site came up. I just thought I could have a different experience of a man spoiling me.
"When I started I was so naive. I thought sugar daddies were like Brad Pitt or Anderson Cooper — they would be older, but handsome and wealthy. That’s not what you find. I had been on the site for a few days and talking with this guy, and I was shocked when he sent me a photo. I told him I wasn’t interested, and then he got angry. He cursed me out, saying a lot of racial slurs. So I got scared and deleted my profile.”

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