This Is Where People In The UK Work The Shortest (& Longest) Hours

Photographed by Kate Anglestein
As back-to-work anxiety really starts to hit, it's hard not to question our work-life balance. Until a four-day work week becomes possible in the UK, making the most of our annual leave remains a top priority.
With this in mind, it's definitely interesting to check out new research revealing the UK cities where people work the shortest hours each week.
According to the research compiled by Shawbrook Bank, people in Belfast enjoy the shortest working week: 31.6 hours, which is 2.2 hours under the national average of 33.8 hours.
That might not sound like a massive difference, but over the course of a month it adds up to nearly nine hours of additional downtime.
People in Sheffield, Bradford, Blackpool, Birmingham and Cambridge also benefit from a working week that's at least an hour shorter than the national average. Check out the 10 cities with the shortest working hours below.
1. Belfast (31.6 hours)
2. Sheffield (32.4)
3. Bradford (32.5)
4. Blackpool (32.6)
5. Birmingham (32.7)
6. Cambridge (32.8)
7. Derby (32.9)
8. Bournemouth (33.0)
9. Ipswich (33.2)
10. Aberdeen (33.4)
At the other end of the scale, London and Reading both have especially long working weeks: 35.9 hours and 37 hours respectively.
In Oxford, Coventry and Bristol, people are typically working 35 hours a week – 1.2 hours over the national average.
Aberdeen, which also has shorter than average working hours, is named the UK's happiest city to live and work in. This is based not just on average working hours, but on average salary and average commute time, too. London is right behind, thanks mainly to its high salaries.
"The past 18 months have been extremely difficult for many Brits trying to regain their work-life balance," said Shawbrook Bank's Sally Conway.
"Being happy in the city you live in is so important but can depend on a number of factors. Whether it's a shorter commute time, more hours of daylight or being able to choose from a vast array of takeaways or parks to enjoy, it’s important to consider what works best for you and your lifestyle."

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