20 Women On Their Money Hopes & Goals For 2022

Photographed by Kristine Romano
If 2020 was unequivocally a bad year, it's hard to know exactly how to describe 2021. The pandemic was, of course, still present in our lives and any return to normalcy was hampered both by continuing restrictions and illness. But we also had the revelation of vaccines, ending of full lockdowns and the reintroduction of socialising. Even holidays!
Financially this has hit us in many ways. The furlough scheme was still in action until the end of September 2021, and many people's work continues to be affected whether because of slowing wages, job loss or a changing industry. People wanted to embrace the freedom while we had it, but others could not afford to do so. And the big life decisions from home to family have all been on people's minds more than ever. Whether that's getting a mortgage or having a baby, it all, invariably, costs us.
This has all shaped how we feel about our money in the coming 2022. To get a clearer picture asked our Money Diaries Facebook group to share their aims, no matter how small for their money next year. The overriding emotion? Cautious optimism.
Whether you're saving to pay off your credit cards or to buy a flat, we hope this list gives you some inspiration and can help you on the way to reaching your goal.

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