Why You Should Use Lip Liner On Your Eyes & 4 Other Makeup Hacks

One man who sure knows his way around makeup is Illamasqua's Director of Artistry Pablo Rodriguez. With a background in fashion design and special effects makeup, not to mention being one of the most sought-after makeup artists backstage at London Fashion Week, he is known for pushing boundaries and taking risks. Here are his top five tips for making the most of your makeup collection.
Use your lip pencil as eyeliner
Going away and stuck for space in your holiday makeup bag? Pablo suggests doubling up your lip pencil on your eyes. "Using your lip pencil as a base for your eyeshadow really helps it stick better and last," he explains. "It will make the eye look a lot more intense and graphic and it's a trick I use all the time, especially on campaigns and shoots. You usually see very soft, natural nude looks, but why not try the opposite?"
How not to go overboard when applying blush and highlighter
To get a lighter, more even wash of colour when applying blush and highlighter, Pablo suggests using the heel of your hand. "Pop the product on the heel and press it lightly across your cheekbones," he tells us. "The bottom of your hands have less pressure than a brush swept across so the product is less likely to look too strong and garish. This technique also helps you cover more space so saves time."
Use cream eyeshadow on brows instead of brow pencil or brow pomade
Eyebrow pencil and thicker pomades applied with an angled brush can often leave brows looking 'drawn-on' or heavy, so if you aren't going for that look, Pablo prefers to use cream eyeshadow. "Use a small angled brush with a soft, smudgy cream eyeshadow in a similar colour to your eyebrows for a soft brow look. My top tip is to then double it up on your eyes with the same brush."
How to avoid the 'foundation lips' look when choosing nude lipstick
Got a nude lipstick that washes you out? Don't throw it away just yet. Pablo suggests mixing it with a warm, colourful lipstick on the back of your hand to bring your lips to life instead of making them look too drained. If your skin is pale, opt for pink tones. If you have more olive-toned skin, go for something a little more coral. Those with darker skin should pick out chestnut or even burgundy hues. According to Pablo, it pays to use a fluffy brush when applying lipstick to achieve a finish that isn't too precise or overdone.
How to apply lipstick like a professional
We've been taught to line lips first and then apply lipstick, but Pablo does things the other way around for a reason. "I often go in with a lip pencil second to touch up and cover any mistakes after lipstick application," he tells us. "I also find a flat round concealer brush is great for controlling colour." But if you aren't a fan of using lip brushes, Pablo often applies lipstick straight from the bullet.

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