Orange Blush Is Trending On Pinterest, So We Tried It On 7 Different Skin Tones

From extreme wet look hair to slapdash eyeshadow, alternative beauty trends are in abundance this autumn, and the latest look to take the industry by storm is bright orange blush.
We know what you're thinking. Coral tones are doable, especially when you've got a bit of colour, but orange? Won't that make you look like, well, an Oompa Loompa? According to Pinterest, searches and saves for orange blush are up an enormous 250% year on year, especially in Japan, where the trend is reigning supreme at the moment. And while the move from failsafe pink to tangerine is a bold one, it works.
"It’s a trend-based choice," says Pablo Rodriguez, backstage makeup artist and director of artistry for Illamasqua. "Pink blusher will always be there but lips and cheeks with a lot more yellow tones in the mix are stronger than ever this year, even for winter. Think tonic oranges and terracottas." He recommends Illamasqua's Colour Veil in Enamour or Consume, £20 each, for those who want to dip their toe in the trend.
"It does depend on your skin tone, though," continues Pablo. "If you want your makeup to look more natural, pink blushers work better, especially on warmer complexions, but orange blushers can look incredible on olive skin tones. If you like contrast, you can definitely switch this up. Overall though, peaches and corals always give a healthy glow. Don't be scared – think of it as a blusher and a bronzer mixed together in one product."
Sold. Here's what the best orange blushers look like on seven R29 staffers.

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