The Secret To Finding Your Perfect Nude Lipstick Has Been Right Under Your Nose

Finding that perfect nude lipstick is no easy feat — no matter how many shades there are on the market. But an unlikely source just dropped a helpful hint that makes finding a match a little easier, and it looks like the secret has been right under our noses this entire time.
According to the TV show, The Doctors, the best way to find a lip colour that will complement your skin tone is by looking underneath your T-shirt. Would you believe us if we said the sweet spot was your nipples? It's true: In the clip below, board-certified emergency medicine physician Travis Lane Stork, M.D., said, “We have a great way to pick your best shade for your face. What you want to do [is] you want to match your nipple colour. Nature knows best.”
But before you run to Sephora and request a Pantone colour match to the shade of your areolas, keep in mind that the tip isn't necessarily full-proof for everyone.
“This nipple trick can be useful for [most] skin tones, but not so great for those who are very fair or very dark skinned,” makeup artist Elisa Flowers tell us. Why, you ask? She explains that the hue of your nipples could be too light and end up washing you out if you wear it on your lips. "Also, the colour or your lips and nipples will change with heat, cold and blood flow, not to mention hormone levels. In my opinion, this more of a loose guide rather than a rule to follow."
So maybe it's not the end-all tip for finding your perfect nude lipstick after all, but that doesn't mean it's not worth a try. Think of it as another excuse to free the nipple.
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