This Is What Pat McGrath Labs Makeup Looks Like On 6 R29 Staffers

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know all about Pat McGrath Labs. Launched by Pat McGrath, one of the beauty industry's most esteemed makeup artists, the makeup collection has become Instagram-famous for its mesmerising holographic eyeshadows, lipsticks that look like actual velvet and the glitter lip glosses to end all glitter lip glosses. That's before we've touched on the picture-perfect packaging and endless celebrity fans.
Before April, a limited selection of products were available in the UK, but the collection has just landed in store and online at Selfridges, making those incredible Instagram looks, like shimmering cat eyes and gilt lips, more achievable than ever. But, as well as being armed with the right tools, it pays to know your stuff, and Pat has three failsafe tips for nailing flawless makeup:
1) Build your eyeliner. "Think like a painter and work in layers," Pat Told R29. "Make sure your base is even, powder lightly and a pencil liner to sketch the perfect shape before liquid. Do the same for lipstick, too."
2) Turn your skin on. "For a sporty, fresh outdoorsy look, teaming cream and powder highlighter is the way to go. Pay attention to your cheekbones, the centre of the eyelids, bridge of the nose and brow bones. Then, using a tiny flat eyeshadow brush, tap some onto the Cupid’s bow. Where not to apply? The front of the cheeks, the forehead, chin and sides of the nose."
3) Master your mascara. "Swipe the wand (I always use FetishEYES!) from the base of the lash, zigzagging the formula back and forth through the lashes. The push-pull motion creates major drama. For a fanned-out fantasy lashes, coat the wand thickly, place it at the base of the lash, and ‘blink’ the formula through the lashes."
So we know all the tricks, but how wearable is Pat McGrath Labs in real life? And is the pigment, staying power and shade range as incredible as everyone says it is? Ahead, six R29 staffers gave the collection a go – here's what we thought.

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