The LGBTQ+ YouTubers You Need To Know

Photographed by Nicolas Bloise.
Many LGBTQ+ people still lack the support of coworkers, family, and community, especially those living outside of major metropolitan cities. Though legal protections for LGBTQ+ folk are generally on the rise, many, especially teens, still report feeling unsafe, unwelcome, or unsupported in their communities. And, for those who lack community connection or validation from family and friends, what’s the best way to feel validated, seen, and empowered in your queer identity? Enter queer YouTube.
For most people today, the internet is the ultimate resource for information, pop culture takes, and political musings. And, for LGBTQ+ people, having access to information around identity, resiliency, and empowerment are particularly important and necessary. For this reason, platforms like YouTube are particularly valuable.
From trans makeup tutorials to stories about coming out, YouTube is teeming with queer content creators. There are countless queer YouTubers who have taken advantage of the platform to create thoughtful and inspiring content for their community.
Ahead, we take a look at five LGBTQ+ YouTubers to shed some light on some of the content they tackle, their background, and what they have to offer the world through their stories.

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