Nobody Did Work Today Because Of This Internet Boyfriend March Madness Bracket

Photo: John Shearer/Getty Images.
Until today, I did not know I cared about sports. March Madness would come and go every year (I assume) and I wouldn't bat an eye. Suddenly, however, I'm interested. But just in this specific Internet Boyfriend March Madness bracket created by entertainment channel, Off Set. On Wednesday morning, they tweeted out a bracket of every single boyfriend the internet has claimed, and set Twitter loose to determine which bae will rule them all. It's brutal.
With such an incredible pool of options, it's extremely difficult to choose between pairs of men who would all be more than welcome to come over for dinner. However, in the name of science, we must. So take a look below:
"We made the ultimate March Madness to definitely find out who is the Internet's Boyfriend," the caption reads. "Twitter, do your thing."
And oh, it did.
"WHO HAD THE AUDACITY TO PUT HARRY STYLES AND TIMOTHÈE CHALAMET!!?!" one user cried, echoing my thoughts exactly.
"This made me late for work," wrote another. I feel that, since I ended up doing zero work today and just working on this
The popularity of this bracket also spawned some amazing spin-offs:
And, of course, some ridiculous parodies:
Sure, these brackets may not be how "seeds" and "sports" and "romance" work, but I feel like I'm back in sixth grade playing MASH during study hall. Except I'm an adult and at work and am neglecting a lot of responsibilities to decide between Ryan Gosling and Andrew Garfield as if that would ever be a legitimate choice I'd have to make.
Please tell me who wins your bracket below, thanks.
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