R29 Staff On The Non-Luxury ‘Luxury’ Items Making Self-Isolation Much Nicer

Self-isolation can feel strange and unsettling, which is why we're all turning to comfort, from warming home cooking to buying extra soft homeware to spending hours on Zoom with our friends and family. Whether your safety net of choice is binge-watching a familiar TV show or eating triple-chocolate fudge ice cream, surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good is an easy way to cheer yourself up in these uncertain times.
If you've already made your way through every episode in the Buffy back catalogue, then we have another suggestion of how to make yourself feel more positive. Being stuck inside the same four walls all day can cause stress and anxiety, and taking the time to make your space feel like a sanctuary can be an instant morale-booster.
We aren't talking about a full-scale 60 Minute Makeover, simply one or two things that can easily be added to your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom to help you feel a bit more settled in your space. Of course, not everyone has the luxury of working from home but for those who do, little things like a zen-inducing scented candle or cosy pair of pyjamas can make self-isolation that much nicer.
Click through the following slides to see the non-luxury items making the R29 team's homes feel a little bit more luxurious right now...

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