My 1-Bedroom Apartment In LA Costs £630 A Month—& This Is What It Looks Like

In Refinery29's Sweet Digs, we take a look inside the sometimes small, sometimes spacious homes of millennial city dwellers.
Today, Christina Martinez shows us her 1-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, where she pays £630 ($850) in rent.
In the renting market, just as in business, sometimes it's about who you know. When Refinery29 reader Christina Martinez emailed in about her $850 Los Angeles apartment, we could hardly believe it. But thanks to a random connection, she found this gem of a 1-bedroom in a walk-up building, situated in the hip neighbourhood of Highland Park.
"I found this place after a lot of frantic searching and doing a lot of Craigslisting," Martinez says. "It popped up after a friend of a friend, or the assistant to an artist friend of mine, overhead me talking about it. For a lot of apartments, it feels like people just pass their places along, so sometimes they don't even get listed anywhere."
The one-bedroom apartment, with windows in every room and three large closets, might seem like a steal. Still, the low-for-Los Angeles price tag isn't all sunshine and palm trees. Martinez's extensive collection of books and art, combined with the small amount of space, means living with a partner does have its problems. Click ahead to check out her apartment and hear her story.

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