The Best Home Workouts For People Who Hate The Gym (& How Much It Costs)

How do you feel about gyms? Not how you should feel, but actually feel? 'Cos I, frankly, hate them. I don’t know why we willingly combine being sweaty and being intimidated by other sweaty people. In my experience, trying to do anything at the free weights station requires either waiting for the enormous men to stop hogging said weights or the confidence to storm over and tell them to share, which I just can’t generate at 6.45am on a Tuesday before work. And that's to say nothing of the fact gyms are being called 'high risk' locations for the spread of Covid-19, according to experts.
If you're one of the many people now working from home or self-isolating, going to the gym no matter how you feel about it is no longer an option. So what’s a girl to do when she wants to exercise but doesn’t want to be stared down while watching Succession on a treadmill or risk spreading a virus? Work out at home, obviously. Beyond the privacy it affords, there are many other benefits to an at-home workout. It’s cheaper, the queue for the shower is far shorter, and you can’t forget your sports bra. As long as you have some space to move around in and enough motivation to work out of your own volition, you’re golden.
Obviously no one except the richy-rich will have access to all the equipment you find in a proper gym at home, but a lot of it isn't necessary to get a good sweat on. For cardio, HIIT and Pilates-based workouts you won’t need anything at all, and even for strength-based work you’ll only need a few dumbbells. Unless you’re lifting the huge weights, you can find them at places like Argos (I got some of my lighter ones at Tiger) and they can be stored under sofas or in cupboards with ease.
The best thing about working out at home is that you can choose your priorities and avoid the body-shaming that for so many people can define their gym experience. Want to avoid any mention of weight loss? Keen to try a variety of classes without shame? Need the option to flake out without taking a financial hit? That’s what the at-home workout is for.
Whether you’re short on space, a complete beginner, or dead set on deadlifts, we have an at-home workout that should work for you. Click through to find the perfect one.