This 30-Day Pilates Workout Challenge Will Work Your Core

Ah, pilates. It’s not just for women from the ‘80s wearing neon spandex. It’s a versatile workout that’s good for posture, conditioning, and strengthening. It’s low impact, and ignites your muscles in a gentle way, making it pretty accessible for most bodies. Pilates tends to work the core, first and foremost, but you can target your bum and other areas, too. It can be done with or without equipment, so don’t worry if you don’t have a reformer in your living room!
We worked with Amy Jordan, the creator and CEO of WundaBar Pilates, to come up with some peak pilates moves for you to incorporate into your life for this month's 30-day challenge. Getting them done will only take about 10 minutes, so don’t worry about this taking over your life.
Jordan calls the moves “fun, challenging, core-shredding, full-body exercises – created for you to feel stronger, longer, and 100% empowered!”

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